Apes That Aren’t Fungible

Non Fungible Apes are a collection with a maximum of 1370 erc-721 pixel-art apes, no ape is exactly alike and only one of each ape exists. The collection is handmade by our extraordinarily talented artist. A male and female ape can be staked together to birth a Non Fungible Ape baby, once two babies are made, the whole family can be staked to receive selling fees on all NFAs sold or resold on Opensea.

Consumate Your NFAs

NFAs know the secret of life is to ‘be fruitful and multiply’. Don’t let your NFAs gene pool dry up, oh what a sad shame it would be! Let your non fungible man ape and your non fungible ape lady have some privacy, in the NFT staking pool.

Make NFA Babies

Stake your NFAs for 10 days to make NFA babies. There are a total of 300 female NFAs, each can birth up to 2 babies. Having a family with 2 babies will entitle you to NFA baby bonus benefits (staking rewards).

Get NFA Family Benefits

Stake your Non Fungible Apes NFT family in the staking pool and receive selling fees from all Non Fungible Apes sold on Opensea.